The CR3000: innovation, improved patient care and management

Image of CR3000

The CR3000 is a unique point of care concept. It provides near patient testing healthcare professionals a unique panel of profiles (assays) including oxidative state, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hematology, free oxygen radical levels and antioxidant capacity, women’s health and a sports testing profile.

Provide your patients with laboratory based technology and accuracy of results (wet chemistry), store their data on the innovative Lifestat software system which provides you with all the back-up support you require to manage your patients at a click of a button. Track their progress over time via graphs or simply print-out a hand-ou,t which explains in more detail what assays mean and why it is important for their health to monitor such states.

The CR 3000 concept has been devised to help professionals personalise diagnostic testing services and improve patient satisfaction of their care, reduce testing and lead times for patients to receive the right healthcare advice.

The CR3000 is the only point of care system to perform three tests simultaneously. This provides clear benefits in time reduction for customer management.

The touch screen technology is quick and easy use and the display guides the operator through each of the steps involved. Tests panels (each test is performed separately, users have the freedom to choose the assays they wish to perform)

With over three decades of experience in near patient testing, the CR3000 system comes with all the information and back-up required in order for services to work successfully for you and your practice.

Download information on the analyser here..

Download information on assessing Oxidative Stress here..