About Life Bioscience

LIFE BIOSCIENCE specialises in finding high quality and innovative biological science products from around the world, and making them available to the Australasian market.

LIFE BIOSCIENCE started business in 2004 as the distributor of Allercoat 6™ allergy testing products from Doverton Ltd. New business relationships have been formed with BioNote Inc. (veterinary infectious disease testing), Callegari Srl (blood and skin health analysis), and Cambridge Nutritional Sciences (Food Immunoglobulin G testing).

Our team has a wealth of knowledge with 30 years experience in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare and scientific markets, having experience working in Hospital testing laboratories and with US and French multinational In Vitro Diagnostic companies

The Anigen companion animal rapid tests are available from most veterinary wholesalers through our distribution partner VCA, and Food Detective is available to clinics and pharmacies through Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, Oborne Health Supplies and Ariya Health.